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Gothic Victorian Dark Smokey Eyes Makeup

Victorian-era women wore very little makeup.  This may include white powder and rouge.  But, when Gothic is added, the look becomes a dark romantic, very elegant, and many times can be high mainenance.  

The wearer often accentuates the paleness of her skin.  This starts with a clean face.  White face may be worn, as long as the skin looks pale and makeup is not caked on, flaking, or poorly blended.  

Dark eye makeup is often worn.  Some eyeshadow colors include:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red/Burgundy
  • Dark purple
  • Pink

Mascara or fake eyelashes may also be worn.

Liquid eyeliner is considered better than penicl eyeliner as there is less smudging - unless, of course, smudging is exactly the look that the wearer wants to achieve.  Smudging is great for a smokey eye look.

Eyebrows may be natural, filled in, or shaved/waxed off and penciled onto the face.

Lips are kept pale, to help emphasize the dramatic eye as well as to give the wearer a more corpse-like appearance.  However, red, black, or even dark purple lipstick may be worn as well.

There are many couture styles.  Often, this style of makeup includes painting a design on the face, such as cobwebs or bat wings.  Couture makeup may also add small objects such as metals.  Unless the look is specifically couture or costume, these are not things that are worn.

Contacts may also be worn to drastically change the look.

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