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Lolita is a street fashion that started in Japan in the 1980's and is largely inspired by the Rococo and Victorian time periods.  Lolita fashion focuses on modesty and good quality materials.  The term "lolita" refers to the childlike appearance of the clothing, and is used for the cuteness of the name itself.  Lolita fashion is not at all meant to be sexy and is instead meant to be cute or elegant.  Despite the child-like nature of Lolitas, anybody of any age can wear this style.

There are many different Lolita styles, including:  

  • Aristocrat - Mature style
  • Casual Lolita - Toned down version of classic style
  • Classic Lolita - Classy look, most generic
  • Country Lolita - Prarie or farm girl look

    Gothic Lolita in the woods

  • Deco Lolita - Bright colors, many accessories
  • Gothic Lolita - A sweet Gothic look
  • Guru Lolita - Gore Lolita
  • Hime Lolita - Princess Lolita
  • Kodona - Boy style.  In Japan is known as "Ouji" ("prince") as Kodona is a Western term.
  • Kuro Lolita - Black Lolita, but not Gothic
  • Punk Lolita - Lolita mixed with punk elements
  • Sailor Lolita - Nautical-themed
  • Shiro Lolita - White Lolita
  • Sweet Lolita (Ama/Kote)- Over-the-top sweet and very child-like
  • Wa Lolita - Lolita mixed with traditional Japanese fashion

Lolitas can wear more than one style.  Each of these types has their own rules regarding fashion, but the number one "rule" is to have fun and be yourself.

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