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Lolita Footwear

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Gothic Lolita in flats

Proper Lolita footwear is closed with rounded toes and platform soles.

Mary Janes

Platform heels


Ballet slippers


High heels are often considered too sexy or mature for a Lolita look, but some styles do incorporate elegant heels.

Cute slippers, such as fuzzy bunnies or kitties, may be worn by a Lolita around her house.

Aristocrat Lolita[]

Casual Lolita[]


A part of my lolita shoes Tea party shoes and Charming ribbons

Classic Lolita[]

Shoes are less whimsical and more functional.

Country Lolita[]

Deco Lolita[]

Mary Janes for a Lolita look, sneakers or cute boots for a more Decora look. 

Ero Lolita[]

Vary from tall chunky platforms boots to lolita style high heeled shoes.

Gothic Lolita[]

Chunky platform shoes and elegant high heels are worn.

Guru Lolita[]

No shoes at all, or platform shoes.


My lolita shoes

Hime Lolita[]

Usually any high heeled shoe, particularly when decorated in pearls.


Platform shoes with wooden soles, tall Gothic platform boots.  Heels are common for both men and women.

Kuro Lolita[]

Any Lolita-type shoe in matching color can be worn.

Punk Lolita[]

Sailor Lolita[]

Boots or Mary Janes with wooden soles are most common.

Shiro Lolita[]

Any Lolita-type shoe in matching color can be worn.

Sweet Lolita[]

Flat shoes or low, thick heels are most common, but high heeled shoes also exist.

Wa Lolita[]

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