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Lolita Hair

Big hair, pigtails, bouncy curls, and long waves are all popular hairstyles in Lolita fashion.  Shorter hair is less comon, though is still popular.

Wigs are worn by those who find it to be an easier way to get the perfect hairstyle, length of hair, or hair color, or who simply want to change their look.

Colorful hair may be worn to coordinate with a Lolita's outfit and enhance his or her style.

Aristocrat Lolita[]

Usually mature hair styles.  Buns ad other lifted style are popular.  Hair may be worn down but cute hairstyles and barrel-curls are avoided.  Extreme hairstyles are often worn with extreme makeup, such as for a fashion show.

Casual Lolita[]

Simple pig tails or smaller hair accessories may be used on hair worn down.  Usually no wigs.

Classic Lolita[]

Long, flowing barrel curls are popular.  Old fashioned formal updos, braided styles like French, lacebraid, or fishtail.  Neutral colors like blonde, dark red, black, brown.

Country Lolita[]

Simple hair styles and curled, low pigtails are worn.

Deco Lolita[]

Two-toned wigs.  Long and curly with bangs.  Short and curly.

Ero Lolita[]

Any hair style.

Gothic Lolita[]

Any  elegant hair style, usually straight with bangs or curls.

Guru Lolita[]

Any hair style.

Hime Lolita[]

Elegant up-dos are worn.  Very curly.  Long.


Short, boyish hairstyles are popular.  If the wearer has longer hair, the hair may be in a bun tucked under a cap to give the appearance of a boyish look.

Kuro Lolita[]

Any hair style, with black accessories.

Punk Lolita[]

Shorter hair may be worn for a somewhat edgier look, though it is not harsh.

Sailor Lolita[]

Pigtails are popular.

Shiro Lolita[]

Any hair style, with white accessories.

Sweet Lolita[]

Teased out pigtails and boucy curls are popular in this style.  Large updos with curls, straight with bangs, long curly ponytails, curled hair in general.  Colorful wigs, especially two-toned.

Wa Lolita[]

Any hair style, usually with traditional Japanese hair accessories.

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