Lolita Lifestyle

How to Pose in Lolita

How to Pose in Lolita

Many view Lolita as more of a philosophy of living beautifully rather than just dressing it.  Some Lolitas choose to live like a princess, surrounding

themselves with beauty.  Many Lolitas enjoy the hobbies that are stereotypically feminine, such as embroidery, baking, sewing, knitting, and other old-fashioned women's hobbies. Lolitas love frills and historical clothing.

Those who live the Lolita lifestyle dress daily and interact with the Lolita community regularly.  

Some adopt mannerisms such as extreme politeness and "lady-like" behavior.

There are many Lolita meet ups for Lolitas to meet in person.  These usually take the form of picnics, tea parties, visits to museums or amusement parks, or touring art galleries.  Each meet up has its own dress code.

Goth-Loli Throwing Autumn Leaves

Goth-Loli Throwing Autumn Leaves

Aristocrat LolitaEdit

Casual LolitaEdit

This style is commonly just worn on an average day.

Classic LolitaEdit

Country LolitaEdit

Like to go on picnics.

Ero LolitaEdit

Gothic LolitaEdit

Very mysterious, like to take strolls through cemeteries.  Enjoy art and Gothic architecture.  Love to read and do other quite activities.

Guru LolitaEdit



Hime LolitaEdit

Has an air of elegance, wealth, and royalty.


Kuro LolitaEdit

Punk LolitaEdit

Sailor LolitaEdit

Shiro LolitaEdit

Sweet LolitaEdit

Appear to eat many sweets and cute foods, such a cakes and strawberries.  Playful, childlike, magical, innocent.

Wa LolitaEdit

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