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Lolita Makeup


Gothic Lolita Doll

Many times, Lolitas try to emphasize the size and shape of their eyes to make them appear larger.  This includes using makeup andcircle lenses to achieve the effect of large doll eyes.  Fake eyelashes enhance this look.

Aristocrat Lolita[]

Usually mature and on the darker side.  Dark eyes and dark red lips are popular.  Lighter colors are generally only used on lips.

Casual Lolita[]

Very little makeup, for a more natural look.

Classic Lolita[]

Light makeup is usually worn but darker makeup with a softer look is also acceptable.


Sweet Lolita Transformation - Peachie

Country Lolita[]

Very simple and natural.  Sunscreen is worn by those on picnics or spending time outside in general.  Light lipstick and blush is also worn.

Ero Lolita[]

Dark makeup is common.

Gothic Lolita[]

Ranges from a light, natural look to a dramatic smokey eye and red lip.  White face is considered bad taste in Gothic Lolita fashion.

Guru Lolita[]

Fake blood and fake bruises are popular.  Drawn on cracks make the wearer look like a broken porcelain doll.

Hime Lolita[]

Natural looking, classy makeup.


Makeup is minimal, though sometimesdarker makeup is applied around the eyes.

Kuro Lolita[]

Natural or black makeup.

Punk Lolita[]

Makeup is a bit heavier than Classic and Sweet styles.

Sailor Lolita[]

Natural makeup with lip gloss.

Shiro Lolita[]

Natural makeup, or white if done well.

Sweet Lolita[]

Light, natural makeup.  Pink, peach, or pearl makeup are considered highly sweet.

Wa Lolita[]

Ranges from light and natural to Japanese geisha inspired.

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