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The Mori-Girl Style

Mori Girl in the snow

The term 'Mori girl', also known as Forest Girl, is a fairly recent fashion aesthetic.  "Mori" in Japanese means "forest".  Although this look originated in Japan, most people envision a European forest.  The Mori Girl look has been around for several years, but the term Mori Girl is fairly recent.  Originating in 2007, Mori girl has grown from a Japanese subculture to an international fashion movement.  The look is inspired by Hagu, a character from the movie Honey and Clover, played by the actress Yu Aoi.  

A Mori Girl typically has a long silhouette and wears many layers of clothing.  The overall look is feminine and earthy.  The ultimate goal of a Mori girl goal is to look like a girl who lives in the forest.  

The Mori Girl look is very soft and natural.  Mori Girls do not dress to attract attention from others.  Instead, they prefer to dress for themselves, opting for comfortable and classic clothing.

Mori Girls are also independent.  They do not mind spending time alone, and in fact enjoy it.  They are also self-sufficient, able to make repairs or alterations to their clothing or grow their own food in a garden.

It is said that there are up to 60 different Mori Girl styles, from Dark Mori to those who wear all white.

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