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Mori Girls wear long necklaces, layers of earthy or classic jewelery, and many different types of hair accessories.  They also prefer gold accessories to silver accessories.

Mori Girl accessories are feminine.  

  • Necklaces woven with lace and ribbon
  • Lace collars
  • Knit or crochet shawls
  • Boot or shoe cuffs

Mori Girl accessories are also vintage:

  • Pocket watches
  • Long pearl necklaces

Other accessories include leather and vintage-style belts, and leg warmers.

Often, Mori Girl accessories are handmade.  This adds a quaint charm and distinct quality to the item.  As Mori Girls enjoy being self-sufficient, they often make their own, or will give their handmade items as gifts to others.  This also adds a sense of pride for the accomplishment, however, a Mori Girl is also humble.

Mori Girls wear a variety of hair accessories.  Hair bows with vintage or animal prints, or even solid colors in earth tones, are common choices.  A scarf can be tied over the head.  Lace or ribbon is also tied into hair.  

For a look that is even closer to nature, Mori Girls tucks small berry branches into their hair.  They also weave flowers together to wear floral halos.  

Another choice among many Mori Girls is to wear a pair of antlers or horns.  This can include deer antlers and goat horns. 

Mori Girls wear hats as well.  This adds an extra layer to the overall look.  Mori Girls often wear hats with wide brims on warmer days, and knit or fur caps on colder days.  In the winter, earmuffs and mittens are also worn.  Scarves are worn year-round.

A hat also helps to keep the sun from the skin.  Some say Mori Girls have pale skin, but anybody with any skin tone can be a Mori Girl.

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