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Mori Girls wear flat soled shoes as they are the most comfortable.  They also wear shoes with rounded toes.  This provides a soft look, in contrast to pointed or square-toes footwear, which could look harsh or be uncomfortable to wear.  A list of Mori Girlshoe styles:

  • Boots (Brown, tan, burgundy, or black)
  • Moccassins
  • Mukluks
  • Flats
  • Slippers

Mori Girls wear ankle, calf high, and knee high boots.  Boots are made from leather or fur, because these are natural materials.  Mori Girls do not wear boots that have a lot of metal or hardwear, such as chains, buckles, or buttons. 

Moccassins and mukluks are very comfortable footwear and are made from leather or fur, so these are popular choices for Mori Girls.  These shoes can also be worn in native prints.

Tennis shoes are not common, but if worn they are slip-on style and cute.  These shoes should also be loose fitting.

Slippers are soft and very comfortable to wear.  Like tennis shoes, slippers are worn loose fitting and and should be cute.  Slippers are in soft fabrics and are worn in a variety of prints, such as plaid, gingham, floral, and vintage prints.  They can also be decorated in lace or doilies. 

Another type of shoe Mori Girls wear is a vintage style.

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