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Mori Girl isn't just a look, it's a lifestyle!

Mori Girl Personality[]

Mori girls tend to have a subtle eccentricity that adds to their natural charms.  These girls tend to be shy and somewhat mysterious, with good manners.  A Mori girl also has an active imagination, a sense of modesty, and a love of life.  Because Mori Girls explore the world with their hands, they like to keep their nails short.

Mori Girl Hobbies and Interests[]

A Mori girl likes to be healthy, so taking walking through the woods is a perfect outdoor activity for any Mori girl.  These girls also love taking photos, so anyone who wants to be a Mori girl should be sure to carry her camera everywhere.  Since Mori girls care about the environment, someone who is interested in this lifestyle should recycle.  A great activity for a Mori girl is gardening, or growing plants either indoor or outdoors.  Other interests include sipping tea, knitting or crocheting, and perusing antique shops.  

Mori Girl Reading[]

SPOON, Fudge, and Mori Girl Papier are photobooks/magazines that show the latest Mori girl fashions, but a Mori girl will read just about anything.

Mori Girl Music[]

Mori Girls listen to alternative music.

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