Mori Girl isn't just a look, it's a lifestyle!

Mori Girl PersonalityEdit

Mori girls tend to have a subtle eccentricity that adds to their natural charms.  These girls tend to be shy and somewhat mysterious, with good manners.  A Mori girl also has an active imagination, a sense of modesty, and a love of life.  Because Mori Girls explore the world with their hands, they like to keep their nails short.

Mori Girl Hobbies and InterestsEdit

A Mori girl likes to be healthy, so taking walking through the woods is a perfect outdoor activity for any Mori girl.  These girls also love taking photos, so anyone who wants to be a Mori girl should be sure to carry her camera everywhere.  Since Mori girls care about the environment, someone who is interested in this lifestyle should recycle.  A great activity for a Mori girl is gardening, or growing plants either indoor or outdoors.  Other interests include sipping tea, knitting or crocheting, and perusing antique shops.  

Mori Girl ReadingEdit

SPOON, Fudge, and Mori Girl Papier are photobooks/magazines that show the latest Mori girl fashions, but a Mori girl will read just about anything.

Mori Girl MusicEdit

Mori Girls listen to alternative music.

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