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Shironuri Fashion

Shironuri fashion takes inspiration from many sources.  The only real rule is to have a white painted face, therefore any clothing can be considered Shironuri.  However, shironuri fashion does have more specific influences.

Many Shironuri dress in traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono, hakama, and geta.  The Showa era (1926-1989) is particularly influential, so gakuran, sailor dress, fuku, military uniforms, and war flags are all common elements in Shironuri fashion.

European fashion is also influential in this style.  Some dress in a gothic aristocratic way, with well-tailored clothing, while others prefer to dress like an antique doll with layers of vintage, sometimes ragged,clothing. 


Greyscale Cyber Shironuri Outfit of the Day!

Others create their own sub-styles, such as decora-shinonuri, Lolita, cyber-goth, or nature inspired outfits.  

One important aspect of shironuri fashion is layering clothing.


Shironuri The Spirit Inside The Painting

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