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Shironuri Makeup Tutorial by Minori - 白塗り メイク

Since "shironuri" translates to "painted white face", the main component of this style is to have a white painted face.  Traditionally, sharp lined were added to create fearsome or dramatic expressions, such as Kabuki makeup.  It was also done to enhance the paleness of one's skin, as well as enhancing the beauty of lips and eyes, as was done with geisha.  However, shironuri in this sense has transitioned from more the more traditional appearance to a blending of other styles, such as Gothic, Lolita, and Mori Girl.  However, traditional looks and elements are still worn.

Often, the eyes are enhanced through multiple colors or darkening around the eyes.  Contrasting eye shoades are very popular, such as blue with yellow.

Ornate decorations may also be worn to help bring attention to the face.  This includes organic flourishes, such as vines, leaves, and florals.

Almost all Shironuri styles use false eyelashes to help enhance the eyes.  


My Shironuri Makeup

It is advised to not use cheap Halloween makeup for the white face, and instead invest in better quality makeup. 

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