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Steampunk Girl Photographer: Brent Cizek

Steampunk itself is a sub-genre of speculative fiction usually set in an alternative history version of an actual historical period.  There are many settings for Steampunk which include, but are not limited to, Medieval Steampunk, Western Steampunk, Modern Steampunk, and Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk.  The primary features in Steampunk are steam powered machinery, retro-futuristic weaponry, and clockwork parts, such as cogs and gears.

There are no set guidelines for Steampunk fashion, though it is generally a mix of modern styles and the fashion of the Victorian era.  However, this look has also become modernized, with much lower collars and much higher hemlines.

There are many variations on the Steampunk look, including but not limited to:

  • Sky Pirate/Air Pirate or Sea Pirate - Elements of the Steampunk Pirate look include: Ragged clothing, bandanas, beads in the hair, dreadlocks.
  • Deiselpunk - Elements of the Deiselpunk look include: Engineer clothing, goggles, dirt or oil streaked face or clothes
  • Wild West - Elements of the Wild West Steampunk look include: Pointed boots, curled facial hair, skirts with bustles
  • Dark - Elements of the Dark Steampunk look include: Subdued colors, black clothing
  • Space - Elements of the Space Steampunk look include: Dreadlocks, black and silver color scheme, futuristic look
  • Pilot - Elements of the Steampunk Pilot look include: Aviator cap, goggles, brown leather jacket
  • Hunter - Elements of the Steampunk Hunter look include: Bow and arrows, leather clothing, furs
  •  Postapocalyptic - Elements of the Post-Apocalyptic style include: Tribal motifs, gas masks, ragged clothing.   

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