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Steampunk Couture Spring 2011 collection.

Steampunk clothing style is based on the fashions of the Victorian-era.  Generally, Steampunk clothing is reserved for special occasions such as theme parties and conventions, but this style can also be worn as an every-day look.  

Those with a preference for the Steampunk aesthetic typically wear clothes in brown, tan, white, and off-white.  Grey, black, and olive green are worn for a more militant look.  Bright colors are rarely worn.

Some essentials found in any Steampunk closet:

  • Corset
  • Leather harness
  • White blouses
  • Blouses with jabots
  • Long brown skirts
  • Skirts with bustles
  • Petticoat
  • Jacket
  • Pantaloons or bloomers

Though skirts are common for Steampunk women, pants are also worn.  Equestrian pants are a popular look, particularly when paired with knee-high boots.  Other items may include a brown pleated leather skirt, black blouse, striped tights.

Many Steampunk men wear:

  • Waistcoat
  • Trousers (Non-pleated)
  • Long, straight jackets
  • Spats
  • Nice shirt

There are many Steampunk styles outside of the clothing based on Victorian-era fashions.  These looks include:

  • Pirate - Elements of the Steampunk Pirate look include: Ragged clothing, bandanas, beads in the hair, dreadlocks.
  • Deiselpunk - Elements of the Deiselpunk look include: Engineer clothing, goggles, dirt or oil streaked face or clothes
  • Wild West - Elements of the Wild West Steampunk look include: Pointed boots, curled facial hair, skirts with bustles
  • Dark - Elements of the Dark Steampunk look include: Subdued colors, black clothing
  • Space - Elements of the Space Steampunk look include: Dreadlocks, black and silver color scheme, futuristic look
  • Pilot - Elements of the Steampunk Pilot look include: Aviator cap, goggles, brown leather jacket
  • Hunter - Elements of the Steampunk Hunter look include: Bow and arrows, leather clothing, furs
  •  Postapocalyptic - Elements of the Post-Apocalyptic style include: Tribal motifs, gas masks, ragged clothing.     

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