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Gangs of Aveda Steampunk Hair Show at Premiere Orlando

Steampunk hair styles are based on the hair style of the Victorian era.  This is more authentic for those trying to achieve the aristocrat style.  These hairstyles primarily include up-do's:

  • Hair up, with a curled section left down on one side
  • Up-do on top of head with a curled section of hair over each shouler

Many of the Victorian-era hair styles cannot be described in a short list as they tend to be very intricate and artistic.

Many modern hairstyles are considered Steampunk as well.  These edgier hairstyles are best for trying to achieve a retro-futuristic or post-apocalyptic look (see video to right).  Some of these styles may include:

  • Shaved hair, particularly the side of the head

    Steampunk Hair Style with Goggles Photographer: Brent Cizek

  • Teased hair, made to look messy
  • Razor-cut short hairstyles
  • Wildly curled hair
  • Faux-hawks
  • Messy pigtails

Also, some hairstyles tend to be colored to give the overall look even more edge.  Popular colors include red, blue, and green, inaddition to colors that are naturally found in hair such as light blonde and black.

These looks are almost always accessorized with a hairpiece or headpiece of some kind.  Some Steampunk hair accessories include:

  • Statement piece hats
  • Bows
  • Lace or ribbon woven through a braid or other hairstyle
  • Hairpins
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry

Men usually style their hair to emulate Victorian-era male hairstyles.  This also includes facial hair, as many Steampunk men can be found with curled mustaches or beards.  Men also wear hats, such as:

  • Top hats
  • Goggles
  • Aviator caps
  • Pirate Bandanas

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